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 Michael Ehret 


Author Michael Ehret is a German jazz drummer and devotes himself with great passion to the lives and works of Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. He has authored numerous national and international articles about Stan & Ollie, and collaborated on the international TV documentaries Laurel and Hardy: Their Lives and Magic, Harold Lloyd: Hollywood's Timeless Comedy Genius and The Lot of Fun: Where the Movies Learned to Laugh. This documentary won the Gold World Medal at the New York Festival's International Television & Film Awards. Michael Ehret has provided most of the rare footage used in these documentaries. In the Sony Picture Stan & Ollie (2019) Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly also recreate a bit from the On The Spot sketch.

Two books in preparation for 2023
Laurel & Hardy: After the Laughter (book & DVD) with co-authors Nico Cartenstadt & Tyler St. Mark and a book (plus DVD) about Laurel & Hardy with co-author Andreas Baum (producer of the international TV documentary Laurel and Hardy: Their Lives and Magic).


Nico Cartenstadt

Co-author Nico Cartenstadt lives in Belgium and has been a Laurel & Hardy fan since childhood, eventually becoming a collector and researcher. In 2014, he finished a reconstruction of the obscure 1927 Hal Roach Western No Man's Law featuring Oliver Hardy and James Finlayson. He also contributed material to Randy Skretvedt's third edition of his acclaimed book The Magic Behind the Movies, released in 2016. In 2017, he founded the Bogus Bandits Tent, a chapter of the Sons of the Desert Appreciation Society.

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